Kathleen Flenniken, seen here outside the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, originally created poetry to cope with her Hanford-related experiences. She speaks, mostly, to high school and college age students about how poetry has given her a voice to fight back. Photo credit: KPLU, http://bit.ly/1Ho4Soo

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By Sam Tilford Poetry can be a window into the soul, a place to unleash thoughts in a collected manner, or a platform for activism....

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Tired of humdrum Halloween celebrations? Have a hankering for live music, dancing, and artistic workshops? Wondering why your love of art and Mexican holidays...

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Since the dawn of time, there has been a bitter rivalry between zombies and humans. Thus, it was decided that there would be one...

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Written by: Paris Nguyen Photography by: Paris Nguyen I once fought a bear. And after the bear recovered from its wounds, I taught it both the meaning...

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By: Jacky Graham We are about halfway done with summer and hopefully it is not a bummer! If you think you have not lived...

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5 budget-minded activities to do in Seattle this Summer It’s the summer and you probably want to create a bucket list of all the adventurous...

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By: Sam Tilford Having trouble completing the required amount of volunteer hours to graduate? Fearful of not graduating on time with fellow classmates?  Not to...

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Sometimes it's not just about what you know--it's about who you know. Starla Sampaco (Miss Washington Teen USA and senior host) speaks to professionals...

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In this episode, WG206 shadows The Puget Sound Ghost Hunters during their latest private haunted case. We got an inside look at what it...

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By: Sam Tilford Earlier this month One Reel hosted “Why this? Why that? Why now?”, a three-day words and ideas event at Bumbershoot that brought...

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The WG206 Crew attends the 2014 Red Bull Soapbox Derby Race held in Seattle. The 2014 Red Bull Soapbox race showcased many eccentric, fun,...

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Poetry, Article, and Photos by: Jacky Graham “Hello everyone, I am Jacky Graham I am here to report to you about a poetry slam During...

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By: Sam Tilford The Mariners have had a roller coaster season thus far, with surprisingly more ups than downs. For the first time since 2001,...

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2014 has been a memorable year in sports for Seattle so far. The Sounders are currently the number one team in the MLS and...

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By Sam Tilford It's FIFA World Cup time, and United States soccer fans have plenty of reasons to celebrate.  Recently, the United States national soccer...

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By: Sam Tilford From Jimi Hendrix to Apolo Ohno, Washington has built a reputation for producing  talent.  Listed are 10 famous people, from different fields...

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I could not contain my emotions and started to shout as I ran back and forth across the scoreboard booth. The fans who were standing right above my booth behind me looked at me strangely, asking me what the hell I was so excited about. I proceeded to tell them my friend’s story of redemption.

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By Paris N.   Welcome to the newly christened humor section of WG206. My name is Paris and I will be your guide through this new...

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By Paris Nguyen Well, here we are. You, unfortunate soul, have found yourself in the second installment of the WG206 humor blog. Don’t bother trying...

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On June 19th Seattle Pride Sinfinite Events in Conjunction with Seattle Pride and SeattleGayScene.com organized  The Worlds Largest Drag Stage Show featuring 42 Drag...

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